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WUPP is dedicated to promoting an exploration of policy through an interdisciplinary approach that can be applied to all fields, from consulting to engineering, nonprofit work, and more. WUPP prepares students to become the next generation of leaders and change-makers in all that they do. We provide opportunities to consult for major policy organizations, conduct independent research and write original publications/articles, attend distinguished speaker events, and network with alumni and other professionals.

You can read about our alumni career outcomes, including many who have pursued careers at prestigious organizations in consulting, finance, technology, and government, at this link. We maintain a robust alumni network so our members can stay connected with these organizations and discover their interests.

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Question: How can I join the listserv? - Anonymous
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Question: How do I apply? - Anonymous

Please click the "apply" button on Penn clubs! Further instructions will be found once in the application.

- Joey Jung
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Question: Can upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) also apply? - Anonymous
Yes! We welcome students from all years.
- Maria Felix-Padilla
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Question: Is the organization open to students not in Wharton? - Anonymous
Yes! Our members come from all four undergraduate schools. We encourage everyone to sign up.
- Shaila Lothe
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How to Get Involved

WUPP will be accepting applications through Penn Clubs (open to ALL Penn students). The Fall 2023 application is due September 17th. Our info session will be September 12th at 7pm in JMHH F45. Join our listserv to be in the know about important dates and events.

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