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Wharton Undergraduates in Public Policy is a student-run organization that serves as the hub for those interested in the public sector and discussing policy issues through an interdisciplinary framework that includes business and economics. We provide students the opportunity to conduct and publish research on public policy issues, attend events with distinguished speakers, and connect with alumni in government, policy research, and related industries. WUPP prepares students to become the next generation of thought leaders in public policy and government service.

Sign up through the interest form: https://forms.gle/wzAmZKeyoiAbSoRu9

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Joey Jung


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Question: What committees can I apply to? - Anonymous
Policy: authors will write public policy analysis articles which are published on our website External: helps organize speaker events and the case competition Internal: helps organize club and board social events Marketing: runs the listserv, social media, and merch Finance: acquires sponsorships and manages the club's finances
- Maria Felix-Padilla
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Question: How can I join the listserv? - Anonymous
Hit the bell on Penn Clubs and we will add you to our listserv!
- Maria Felix-Padilla
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Question: How do I apply? - Anonymous
We use the Wharton Centralized Application, which is accessible via Campus Groups. It is also linked on our Penn Clubs page. The application asks for a 150-word max response about leadership, challenges, and/or teamwork and a 250-word max response about a policy issue that interests you. You will also be asked to rank your top choice committees.
- Maria Felix-Padilla
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Question: Can upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) also apply? - Anonymous
Yes! We welcome students from all years.
- Maria Felix-Padilla
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Question: Is the organization open to students not in Wharton? - Anonymous
Yes! Our members come from all four undergraduate schools. We encourage everyone to sign up.
- Shaila Lothe
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Joey Jung
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Alexander Frumovitz
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Amin Ahmed
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Hubert Chen
Vice President
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How to Get Involved

WUPP will be accepting applications through the Wharton Centralized Application (open to ALL Penn students). Join our listserv to be in the know about important dates and events.

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